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An Ohio sheriff’s deputy was fired from his job Wednesday after an email sent to the Clark County sheriff requested his termination over a series of racist tweets that focused on the unrest in Baltimore.

Deputy Zachary Davis took to the social media site to complain about the Baltimore situation in April, comparing protesters to apes at one point.

As reported by the Springfield News-Sun, Deputy Davis’ tweets were aimed at the protests between Baltimore citizens and police regarding the death of Freddie Gray. On an account under the name “Zach Davis,” the deputy boldly called for violence against the protesters.

“It’s time to start using deadly force in Baltimore,” said Davis in a since deleted tweet. “When they start slaying these ignorant young people, it’ll send a message.”

Davis continued his racist online diatribe by adding, “[a]ll these people in Baltimore doing what they’re doing is fitting every stereotype they’ve been labeled.”

However, Davis’ harshest tweet came when he depicted Baltimore in a racist manner by calling it a”real life Planet of the Apes.”

In the email sent to Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly and other local law enforcement and social justice groups, concerned citizen Trevor Brown alerted Sheriff Kelly of Davis’ tweets. The Huffington Post followed up with Sheriff Kelly, who confirmed that the email and an ensuing conversation between he and Davis led to his firing.

“I had nothing to say to him except that I’m disappointed and that it will not be tolerated,” said Sheriff Kelly exclusively to the Huffington Post. “I found it offensive. Swiftly and surely, he was terminated.”

Davis is the first deputy to be fired from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for posting on social media according to Kelly. He was terminated just hours after receiving the email from Brown. Sheriff Kelly has expressed considerable regret over Davis’ actions, and said he has met with local NAACP leaders who supported his decision to fire the deputy.

SOURCE: Springfield News-Sun, Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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