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Before you assume justice has been served in the case of LAPD Officer Mary O’Callaghan, you might want to hear all of the facts. The police officer was recently found guilty of assault in the case of a woman who died in police custody.

That’s right, the charge is assault even though a woman died.

Almost three years ago, O’Callaghan, 50, was called to assist in the arrest Alesia Thomas, who had been taken into custody by officers investigating a possible child abandonment claim, reports KTLA. So there were already police on the scene and O’Callaghan was back up.

A police cruiser’s camera captured O’Callaghan kick Thomas in the stomach and groin area and push her in the throat while she was in handcuffs and leg restraints.

Good old video.

Paramedics were called after Thomas lost consciousness while still in the patrol car and Thomas was pronounced dead by the time she reached the hospital. Kind of like Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

The prosecutor declined to charge the officer with involuntary manslaughter, saying there was “not enough evidence” to link Thomas’s death to the assault. The coroner’s office later said cocaine intoxication likely played some part in her death, but that chop to the neck likely did also (just saying).

O’Callaghan, an 18-year veteran of the LAPD, faces up to three years in state prison to be served in county jail, the DA’s office said. O’Callaghan’s lawyer said they will appeal.

Guess we’re supposed to be happy to get something, when so many officers walk away and face no consequence when they kill unarmed citizens. Whoop. Whoop. (That’s the sound of the police.)

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