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The McKinney, Texas police officer seen pushing a 15-year-old Black teenager to the ground during a pool party dispute has resigned.

According to Fox4, a lawyer for Cpl. Eric Casebolt confirmed his resignation. Casebolt was placed on administrative leave following the surfacing of a disturbing video that showed him grabbing the Black teenager’s braids and pinning her to the ground while she lay in only a bathing suit. Teenagers and a handful of adults who were at the pool during the time of the incident say Casebolt targeted Black youth, skipping over the White teenagers who attended the pool party.

Brandon Brooks, the 15-year-old who filmed the entire ordeal, told NewsFix that his “heart stopped” when Casebolt drew a gun on two teenagers who came to Dajerria Becton’s aid as the officer placed his knees in her back, detaining her.

Throughout the video, Casebolt can be heard cursing, Fox4 notes. Police were reportedly called to the party Friday after adults complained that Black teenagers who didn’t live in the neighborhood were visiting the pool. McKinney police are investigating the matter.

For more on Casebolt, including information on his 10-year department career, see here.


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