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A 27-year-old from Maryland is facing murder charges after killing an ice cream truck driver as children watched in horror, Reuters reports.

Larnell Lyles was arrested Sunday for killing 22-year-old Brandon Brown, who was driving the “Big Daddy Ice Cream” truck on Saturday. Witnesses claim Brown was shot three times in the chest when he exited the truck to sell ice cream to children in Frederick County.

Brandon McIntosh, Brown’s friend who helped assist him with the truck, says they borrowed it from a friend and agreed to share the profits. McIntosh says Lyles asked Brown about the different flavors before pulling out his gun to shoot him.

Lyles was charged with first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony.

His defense attorney is sure Lyles had a reason to shoot Brown.

“It would be pretty unbelievable that someone, without any provocation, would just shoot an ice cream man,” defense attorney Carl D. Somerlock said.

Many of the witnesses are standing by Brown and McIntosh, insisting there was no visible reason for the shooting.

Police will continue their investigation to find a motive behind the shooting.



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