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A very happy 116th birthday to our newly announced Oldest Person Living record title holder, Ms. Susannah Mushatt Jones from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Here's our adjudicator Kimberly meeting Susannah to present her certificate. When she was 106 years old, Susannah was still walking the streets of her neighbourhood as part of daily tenant patrols. She was congratulated for her efforts by the mayor of New York City. At the time she said: “I never drink or smoke. I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness.” Click the link in our profile for the full story. #oldest #officiallyamazing #guinnessworldrecords #brooklyn #newyork #USA #omg #amazing #worldrecords

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There’s a newest oldest person on the block (er, in the world).

Susannah Mushatt Jones was deemed “Oldest Living Person” by Guinness World Records Monday, on her 116th birthday.

From Daily Intelligencer:

Technically, she received the title when her predecessor died on June 17, but it’s nice to have a round number.

Unlike the vast majority of humans, Jones has lived in three different centuries, having been born just five months after the end of the Spanish American War.

A resident of Brooklyn, she was honored by the New York Housing Authority at the age of 106 due to her participation in community tenant patrols with a congratulatory tribute from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Guinness World Records provided some biographical information:

Susannah was born Susie Mushatt in Lowndes County, Alabama, to Mary and Callie Mushatt. Her father was a sharecropper who picked cotton to support his wife and ten children. In 1922, Ms. Jones left Alabama for New Jersey before moving to New York City in 1923, finding employment as a live-in housekeeper and childcare provider.

Happy birthday, Susannah Mushatt Jones!

SOURCE: Daily Intelligencer, Guinness World Records | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram


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