There's a newest oldest person on the block (er, in the world). Susannah Mushatt Jones was deemed Oldest Living Person by Guinness World Records today,

It’s been noted that the Office of the United States President takes a toll on its occupant. We’ve seen the effects of the job on U.S. presidents past. Well, to see how one and a half administrations has impacted President Barack Obama, the folks over at BuzzFeed put together this time-lapse video that shows his transformation […]


UPDATED 5:31 P.M., 5/29/14: Cathy Hughes, chairperson and founder of Radio One, a parent company of NewsOne’s Interactive One, says about Maya Angelou’s passing:   Another one of our Queens has gone home to the creator, but the essence of her life’s work, “Inspiration”, will live with us forever. She was able to take her […]