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A 21-year-old Bronx man lost his life on Tuesday after he was shot in the head as he clutched his one-year-old daughter in his arms, The New York Daily News reports.

The shooting took place a little after 1:20 p.m. as Allen McQueen was taking his daughter, Taylor, to the park. McQueen was carrying his daughter on his back when he was targeted by the gunman. After a first shot missed McQueen, the father of one warned children in the area to flee the scene.

The gunman shot again and hit McQueen in the head, sending Taylor to the floor and McQueen on top of her. A woman from a nearby homeless shelter heard the gunshots and came to the baby’s aide.

“I was inside, I was with my two daughters, my bed was right next to the window and I heard two pops and I saw the guy drop with the baby,” Arielle Corkery said. “(McQueen) was on his back, and when he fell he twirled and fell on top of her,” she said. “I picked him up, and I picked up the baby. She was covered in blood.”

The mother of six says Taylor cried for a few seconds and then remained silent until the police arrived. She just celebrated her first birthday with the father, NYDN writes.

McQueen faced troubles with the law in the past due to his alleged connection to a gang. He was previously arrested over 20 times for assault and robbery.

“He had problems with other people, but he’s young,” McQueen’s father, Woodrow Hines, 60, admitted. “He was a good dad. He had just left our house, too.”

Police say the shooter, possibly in his twenties, was seen fleeing the scene in a Mercedes-Benz with the license plate beginning with the letter “G.” The shooter has yet to be found.

Crime has increased by 10 percent in New York, with a total of 168 people killed since the beginning of the year.



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