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The two University of Cincinnati police officers who corroborated a false account of a fellow officer after he killed an unarmed Black motorist will not be charged, a prosecutor announced Friday.

The officers, identified as David Lindenschmidt and Phillip Kidd, were the first to respond to the scene after former UC police officer Ray Tensing shot Samuel DuBose once in the head during a traffic stop. In a police report, Tensing claimed he was dragged by the victim’s car during the July 19 incident, prompting him to shoot. Kidd backed Tensing’s claims — in a body camera video Kidd responds, “yeah, I saw that,” after Tensing says the car dragged him.

But graphic footage from Tensing’s body camera tells a different story. DuBose’s vehicle begins to move after he is shot. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a press conference Wednesday to announce the indictment of Tensing that the victim’s foot pressed the accelerator after he was dead.

According to NBC:

“When the officers were specifically asked about what they saw and heard, their statements matched Tensing’s body camera video,” Deters said. “These officers have been truthful and honest about what happened and no charges are warranted.”

In the official incident report of the shooting, Officer Eric Wiebel wrote that Kidd said he saw DuBose’s car drag Tensing.

“There was some confusion over the way the initial incident report was drafted but that was not a sworn statement by the officers and merely a short summary of information,” Deters said in a statement.

Both Kidd and Lindenschmidt are currently on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Tensing, who pleaded not guilty Thursday, posted 10 percent of his $1 million bail and was released from jail this week.



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