Unrelatedly, ex-cop Dominique Heaggan-Brown was fired from the department for an unrelated sexual assault investigation.

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Alton Sterling’s death at the hands of Baton Rouge police officers and the recent shooting of Philando Castile, who was shot by Minnesota police during a routine traffic stop, are just two of many that fall into the same category ― Black people being assaulted and killed by police while performing normal, day-to-day tasks.


Unarmed Samuel DuBose was shot by University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing during a stop for a minor traffic infraction.

Samuel DuBose, 43, was shot by a University of Cincinnati police officer in July during a stop over an alleged missing license tag.

Samuel DuBose's 18-year-old daughter was named the head of his estate Thursday ahead of a possible multimillion dollar wrongful death settlement the family may receive after their father was fatally shot by a University of Cincinnati police officer.

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With so many stories of African-Americans being abused by local law enforcement, shot by police, beaten by police and killed by police, it would seem as though unpleasant experiences with cops is inevitable for the majority of Black America. We are constantly reminded of these incidents involving local area police by the steady stream videos and […]

A trial date has been set for Ray Tensing, the former University of Cincinnati police officer who shot Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop.

The death of Samuel DuBose by the hands of  former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing revealed some disturbing numbers about their traffic stops off campus. According to Fox 15, University of Cincinnati police force off-campus patrols have been terminated. The Law and Public Safety Committee approved the ordinance as stops dating back to Jan. 1, 2013 […]

The two University of Cincinnati police officers who corroborated a false account of a fellow officer after he killed an unarmed Black motorist will not be charged, a prosecutor announced Friday. The officers, identified as David Lindenschmidt and Phillip Kidd, were the first to respond to the scene after former UC police officer Ray Tensing shot […]

Two University of Cincinnati police officers involved in a fellow officer’s alleged cover-up in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose were also entangled in the fatal shooting of another unarmed Black man in 2010. From the Huffington Post: Officers Eric Weibel and Phillip Kidd were among seven University of Cincinnati police officers and other officials […]

Hours after a Hamilton County judge set bond at $1 million on Thursday for the University of Cincinnati police officer indicted in the death of an unarmed motorist, Ray Tensing posted bond and was released from the jail, Cincinnati reports. Tensing’s father posted $100,085 — 10 percent of the hefty bail. The now formerUCPD officer was […]


When the world learned of Cecil the Lion’s death at the hands of a rich American dentist, the world wept over the loss and called for the shooter, identified as Walter Palmer, to apologize and somehow right his wrong. And rightfully so. Big game hunting is cruel and in many cases, detrimental to the small […]