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Residents of a predominantly Black suburb in Detroit, Michigan are up in arms after discovering racist political flyers sprinkled on their lawns that depict a cop in Ku Klux Klan gear pointing a gun at a Black child, according to RT.

The flyers began appearing on Friday on lawns in Southfield, Detroit, urging residents to “get the blacks out” and vote for White candidates, including mayoral contender Kenson Siver, the report says:

One showed a police officer wearing a KKK-styled hood and pointing a gun at the head of black child wearing a hoodie and holding a bag of candy, an image suggestive of black teen Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed in Florida in 2012.

Southfield resident Tamiko Denson told Fox affiliate WJBK that it wasn’t clear who had distributed the fliers.

“This to me says he [Trayvon Martin] needed to be killed and that’s someone’s child and it’s being used in this message,” Denson told WJBK, referring to the flier showing the KKK police officer.

Siver told WJBK that “no one supported the message of hate” and that he was “saddened and insulted.”



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