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A woman who posed as a medical professional in a fatal penis enlargement job from 2011 has pleaded guilty, NJ reports.

Kasia Rivera came clean to prosecutors Tuesday, admitting she intentionally injected silicone into Justin Street‘s penis in a procedure that ultimately killed him. In May 2011, Rivera visited the 22-year-old at his East Orange home, where she shot the injection into Street’s bloodstream, causing his death the next day.

A medical examiner cited the cause of death as silicone embolism.

“You injected the silicone into his penis?” Essex County Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey asked Rivera during Tuesday’s hearing.

Rivera replied, “Yes.”

Rivera is also being tried in accordance with other incidents, including stun gun possession and illegally injecting a woman with silicone in her breasts and buttocks multiple times. She will be exchanging her guilty plea for a charge of reckless manslaughter, and will more than likely face five years in prison and possible deportation to Jamaica.

If the plea deal is accepted, her charges in the separate cases will be dismissed.

The judge also questioned Rivera about alleged jury tampering that occurred in May. Two jurors involved in the case claim they were approached by a man offering them $5,000 to side with Rivera. One juror says he took the man’s number and spoke to a woman who sounded like Rivera. She told the judge she knew the man who attempted to bribe the jurors, but didn’t instruct him to do so.

Rivera will be sentenced on Oct. 19.



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