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A Florida woman accused of speeding through a school zone shocked a Palm Beach County police officer when she insulted him during the traffic stop, The Huffington Post reports.

Joy Feinberg, 62, was driving 51 mph through a 20 mph school zone on Sept. 1. She was pulled over by a deputy sheriff, with whom she pleaded to let her go with a warning. After the unidentified officer explained he had to give her a ticket, she told him, “No wonder you people get shot.”

From the Post:

After she tells the deputy “no wonder you people get shot,” he returns to his car — but she wasn’t done with him yet as she can be heard shouting at the officer.

What she says at first is not clear, but eventually the deputy returns to Feinberg and tells her that she will have to take the driver’s license exam again, “because you don’t understand why I’m doing my job.”

“Well you’re a double asshole,” she tells him.

“Thank you, appreciate it,” the deputy says. “Drive safely.”

“Yeah, asshole,” she repeats.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw called the incident “disrespect of law enforcement.” Bradshaw was also shocked that Feinberg asked for the officer’s identification multiple times during the encounter.

If Feinberg is found guilty of speeding, she will have to pay $606 for the ticket.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: Facebook 


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