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Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson joined Roland Martin on TV One’s NewsOne Now to share his views on the 2016 race for the White House, the Black Lives Matter movement, the GOP’s outreach to African-American voters, Donald Trump, and more.

While he agrees with the premise of Black Lives Matter, Carson told Martin he feels the emphasis of the movement should be that “All Black lives matter.”

“I am very disappointed that the movement doesn’t recognize that the carnage in the Black community coming about through institutions like Planned Parenthood and crime up on each other is very significant, and we need to be looking at the things that are keeping Black communities from accelerating,” he said.

While Carson believes the focus of Black Lives Matter should be broader, Martin believes those involved in the movement should in essence stay in their lane and focus on social justice and police accountability.

Dr. Carson, however, explained the movement should be “all-encompassing.”

“When you are talking about what is going on in the inner cities with lack of education and with poverty, one of the things that’s happening is that we have 73 percent of babies being born out of wedlock,” he continued. “Now I can’t just go and tell people, let’s make sure that there are no abortions and that we have all these babies around. I got to talk about how we create a situation where those women can take advantage of childcare, so that they can get their GED and their associates degree and their bachelors degree and they can learn to be self-sufficient and they can teach that to their children.”

“Unless you take that whole conglomerate, you’re just going to be wasting your time.”

Martin pressed Carson to expound on his assertion that the Black Lives Matter movement should focus on multiple issues within the Black community.

“I want them to be successful and they’re going to be a lot more successful if they don’t alienate a big part of the community,” he said.

He went on to say that he thinks the movement is alienating “a lot of people who are not Black.”

Watch Martin and Carson discuss the 2016 presidential campaign and the Black Lives Matter movement in the video clip above.

Watch: Ben Carson Talks GOP Black Voter Outreach and Donald Trump

During their one-on-one conversation, Martin and Carson also discussed Republican front-runner Donald Trump and the GOP’s efforts to attract Black voters.

“I’ve been critical of the party for neglecting African-Americans, because the assumption is that there’s no point, that they’re not going to listen anyway. They’re just going to do what the Democrats tell them to do,” he said.

Watch Martin and Carson discuss Republican outreach to Black voters and Donald Trump in the video clip above.

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