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It’s been over two decades since the tragic death of Eazy-E, and conspiracies surrounding his death continue to surface. This week, Frost, who was signed to the late rapper’s Ruthless Records label, revealed how he believes Eazy contracted AIDS in the first place during an interview with

Frost (aka Arturo Molina, Jr.) shared his thoughts during the conversation being taped for the upcoming documentary For The Record: The Story of Latinos in Hip Hop:

“I’ma tell you what happened with Eazy getting AIDS and I believe this to the day and I believe this to this day,” Frost says during an interview published on “I don’t care if you guys got it on film. You can tell the world. They gave him tainted needles with acupuncture. Needles that tainted him, they gave it to him.”

Frost says Eazy-E injured himself in a four-wheeler accident, requiring him to get acupuncture. He says tainted needles were ordered by “someone,” possibly implying that person was Suge Knight.

“What happened was is that someone, I won’t say the name, but people know the name,” Frost says. “I don’t wanna say that name ’cause it’s the devil’s name, but another person in Rap, if you know you’re history of Rap, calls him the devil. If you know the history of Rap, West Coast Rap, you know who I’m saying. I was told even in my last conversation from Eazy not to even talk to that man. Not only that, but I think that they really had a stronghold of giving him tainted needles with the AIDS virus in him with acupuncture.”

This wouldn’t be the first time questions surrounding Knight’s involvement with Eazy-E’s AIDS contraction surfaced. Earlier this year, an old clip came out of the Death Row member talking about injecting a person with tainted needles as a new way to kill someone, calling it an “Eazy-E” thing.

Check out the full interview with Frost above. What are your thoughts on the conspiracy?



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