The "Black Panther" actress is one of many Black public figures who are openly questioning the safety and effectiveness of a COVID-10 vaccine.


Dick Gregory would have been 87 years old today.

This week, Frost, who was signed to the late rapper’s Ruthless Records label, revealed how he believes Eazy contracted AIDS.

In June 2012, fast-food chain Chick-fil-A was placed in an extremely unfavorable light following a series of public comments made by its chief operating officer and son of the company’s founder, Dan Cathy, who vehemently opposed same-sex marriage. Gay civil rights activists called for a protest of the chicken eatery, while staunch anti-gay-rights supporters stood […]

Why are U.S. hurricanes given names?  Names are actually given to tropical storms but if they reach a sustained wind speed of 74 miles per hour, then they are deemed hurricanes.  These types of destructive storms are given monikers because naming them makes it much easier for meteorologists, researchers, emergency response workers, ship captains, and […]

“The Little Rascals — Our Gang” series of short comedic films about the adventures of poor neighborhood children have delighted audiences throughout the ages from its inception in 1927.  The series actually did not hit the small screen until the mid-’50s when the Hal Roach-produced shorts, with sound added to them, were syndicated for television. […]

Robert F. Kennedy (pictured), a politician and prominent member of the famed Kennedy family, was an undaunting champion of civil rights. On May 27, 1968, Kennedy gave a radio interview to “Voice Of America,” the largest U.S. international broadcaster, when he was the Attorney General in his brother’s, President John F. Kennedy’s, administration. During his interview, as he […]

John Howard Griffin (pictured) was born in 1920 in the “good ol’ boy” state of Texas. During his childhood, Griffin, who was Caucasian, was quickly schooled in the White supremacist ideologies of his surrounding community. When Griffin reached adulthood, he felt compelled to contribute toward ending racism, so he embarked on a journey.  Disheartened by America’s […]

On December 6, 2004, an alleged interview appeared involving tennis mega-superstar Serena Williams (pictured) that mysteriously flooded e-mail inboxes everywhere.  The question and answer printed dialogue depicted Williams as a self-hating individual who put Black men down by making explosive statements about them such as, “They [Black men] will be obsolete in 10 years…once artificial […]

Names, such as Armani-Chanel, Quo’Tatashia, Devonterray, Mopreshia, or Telaphonia-Sheeray, certainly make your ears perk up when you first hear them.  Even though the recent celebrity trend has been to give children names that buck the norm, in the past, it has oftentimes been a topic of conversation that many Black women, in particular, tend to […]

The year was 1985 when the Troop Sport clothing line hit the scene with their ghetto fabulous and overpriced athletic urban wear. Troop, which was owned by two Jewish brothers, Teddy and Harvey Held, and a Korean, Howard Kim, was an instant hit with Blacks and Latinos, but as Troop settled in to their marketing […]

There’s a Black conspiracy theory involving one of our most-beloved Presidents George W. Bush (pictured). NOT! According to an urban legend, both Bush and his wife, Laura, refused to sell their home to any Black buyer. Is there any truth to it? SEE ALSO: Black Conspiracy Theories 101: Did Elvis Presley Say ‘The Only Thing Negroes […]