Lamor Miller-Whitehead allegedly stole retirement savings and extorted a businessman.

He livestreams his in-person church service for the world to see.

He gives his side of the story saying he was coming back from "picking up Black children."

A Texas pastor is accused of cheating on his wife in sex tape.

Donald Lee Reynolds could be going to jail for 10 years.


An openly gay preacher in Austin, Tex. ordered a cake from Whole Foods, but upon returning to his car, was shocked to see what was written on the dessert.

A 68-year-old Ohio man on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to charges of shooting his brother during church service Sunday, Reuters reports.


Police are investigating the shooting of the victim, identified as Rev. William B. Schooler, a former educator and community organizer said to have deep roots in the Dayton community. His death and the arrest of his 68-year-old brother, Daniel Gregory Schooler, has shocked the community the pastor served.

A New Orleans pastor was arrested on Wednesday for sexually assaulting female relatives as young as five years old. According to The Times-Picayune, Reverend Dr. Sherman Smith, 56, was booked on charges of molestation of a juvenile or a person with a mental or physical disability, aggravated rape of a victim under the age of 13, […]

The family of Deante Smith is looking for answers after the 25-year-old was gunned down by his pastor in an alleged confrontation about an affair the pastor had with his wife.

Members of a Georgia church are taking action against the pastor who banned a 103-year-old woman by ordering him to step down.