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Discrimination has been an ongoing issue for people of color in America, but according to a new poll, some Americans believe that White people have it just as bad. The survey, which was released by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), revealed that 43 percent of Americans believe discrimination against White people within our country has become as big an issue as it is for minorities. Fifty-three percent of people surveyed said the landscape of American culture has worsened since the 1950s, compared to 60 percent of Black Americans who believe that things have gotten better since that time period. “Of course, there are always aspects of other people’s lives that we do not or cannot understand. But the sheer size of the racial/ethnic gap concerning perceived discrimination against white Americans is particularly interesting because there is very little in the way of objective evidence of this discrimination and the disadvantage that typically follows,” wrote The Washington Post’s Janell Ross. “On just about every measure of social or economic well-being, white Americans fare better than any other group.” Read more.

Two Dead, 7 Arrested in Paris Raids

According to reports, two suspects are dead and seven more were apprehended during raids in Paris Wednesday morning. Five police officials were wounded and a police dog was killed during the raids, which took place in the suburb of Saint-Denis in an effort to find the mastermind behind the Paris attacks. New plots to carry out attacks on Europe have been discovered, prompting French President Francois Hollande to say his country is “at war” with ISIS. Read more.

Bobby Jindal Drops out of GOP Race

Another one bites the dust in the GOP race. Bobby Jindal has decided to end his campaign for president and drop out of the running. “It has been a great honor for me to run for president of the United States,” said Jindal during an interview last night. “This is not my time. I’ve come to the realization that this is not my time.” Jindal became the country’s first Indian American governor. His lack of success in the polls and financial burdens proved to be detrimental to his campaign. “He’s been thinking about it for a few weeks,” said campaign strategist Curt Anderson. “It’s not easy. He’s a fighter and his instinct is to never give up, but also you have to be realistic in politics.” Read more.


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