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As much of American politics is still deep-rooted in the traditions of Christianity, issues regarding other religions being welcomed into the fold are arising more and more these days.

Such an incident occurred last month, when a Brooklyn Civil Court judge was sworn in using a Koran. Carolyn Walker-Diallo took an oath of office Thursday using the book of Islam as a symbol of her Muslim faith.

Her actual swearing-in went off without a hitch, but once video of her placing her hand on the Koran instead of the Bible hit social media, the backlash began. Much of the criticism came from Facebook, with one commenter saying, “Sickening. Is this America or the Middle East.” And, “Another piece of sh-t Muslim trying to take over this country.” The video has over 2,500 comments.

Muslims’ place in America has been a hot button issue following the San Bernardino shooting and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States.

SOURCE: NY Daily News | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform


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