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police shut down at Mall of America didn’t stop hundreds of protesters from taking to Minneapolis’ airports, bus terminals and more, Yahoo News reports.

Michael McDowell, Miski Noor, and Kandace Montgomery, three activists from Black Lives Matter, were barred by a judge from entering the Mall of America, but that didn’t stop hundreds of their supporters from showing up in their place.

After protesters entered the mall on Tuesday, officials warned many of potential arrests on charges of violating mall policy. Video taken from spectators and protesters show an influx of people of many races and backgrounds filling the rotunda, advocating for the release of police footage from the shooting of Jamar Clark. The unarmed 24-year-old was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend this year. He was unarmed.

The protest at the mall lasted for nearly 30 minutes before protesters were ordered to leave. Five people were arrested on various charges, including trespassing, disorderly conduct and an unrelated outstanding arrest warrant, said Denis Otterness, deputy chief of the Bloomington, Minn., Police Department, according to CNN.  Another eight people were arrested at the airport, the report says.

The news outlet also reported that nine women were arrested in California, “for briefly shutting down an exit ramp on U.S. Highway 101 to San Francisco International Airport.

The hashtag #BlackxMas2 came about on Twitter as Minneapolis protesters decamped from the mall to the airport. The hashtag was created to show solidarity with Chicago protesters who used the #BlackXmas hashtag in their call for justice for Laquan McDonald.

Minneapolis airport officials acknowledged the protest on social media and warned of “significant traffic backups.” They also closed down checkpoints to keep BLM supporters from entering secure areas. At least two protesters were arrested near Terminal 2.

Gregory Livingston, a member the Coalition for a New Chicago, said a protest would take place Thursday along the popular Magnificent Mile luxury retail strip as they continue their call for the resignations of embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez over complaints about the handling of the McDonald shooting.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

“It is clear the citizens of Chicago don’t want you in office anymore,” said Lamon Reccord, a 16-year-old activist. “Message to Rahm: While you’re out on vacation, we’re going to leave this message for you when you get back. Because we will drag you out of that office for justice.”

Emanuel is currently on vacation with his family in Cuba.

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SOURCE: The Chicago Tribune, Yahoo News,  RTCNN | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform, Twitter


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