The One Story: HBCUs And The Gatekeeping Of Black Culture
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Legendary baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. is finally being recognized for all his accomplishments. On Wednesday, Griffey was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Upon being selected, Griffey hit another milestone by having the highest voting percentage ever. The record was previously held by Tom Seaver, a former teammate of Griffey’s dad. “You always have doubt, because it’s out of your hands, out of your control,” said Griffey. “You look at the numbers, and I know they’re worthy, but it’s still a very humbling feeling. As a kid you want to make a buzzer-beater in basketball, you want to hit the walk-off in baseball, you want to score the game-winning touchdown in football, you never dream of the Hall of Fame.” Over the course of his career, Griffey hit 630 home runs, had 10 Gold Gloves, was selected as an all-star 13 times, and got MVP in 2007. The baseball star was surrounded by his wife, children, mom, and other loved ones when he received the good news. He and Mike Piazza will participate in the induction ceremony, which is slated to take place on July 24th in Cooperstown, New York. Read more.

Poll: America is Torn on How Racism Should be Addressed on College Campuses

The fight against racism has spilled onto colleges campuses nationwide, but many Americans are torn over how universities should handle the matter. A poll, conducted by The Huffington Post/YouGov, revealed 42 percent of Americans believe that establishing offices to focus on campus diversity is a “waste of money and resources.” About 51 percent of people who believed this were White; 70 percent were Republicans. The poll also showed that 41 percent of people think it isn’t an institution’s responsibility to teach students about issues related to racism and bias. Fifty-three percent of those polled believed that students who make “make racially offensive statements” should face consequences; 38 percent of Americans said the right of free speech outweighs racism. Read more.

Powerball Prize Increases

The lottery lines at local stores today are bound to be longer; the amount of money for the Powerball jackpot has increased. Since no one won the $500 million prize Wednesday, the amount is expected to go up to $675 million, which will be the highest lottery prize in the country’s history. Last February, the $564.1 million jackpot was shared by people from Texas, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina. The Powerball is played in 44 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. Read more.

“Being Mary Jane” Renewed for 4th Season

The season finale of Being Mary Jane left viewers with the ultimate cliffhanger, causing people to ponder what was on the horizon. On Wednesday, BET announced they will renew the show for a fourth season. For three seasons, BMJ has been ranked as the No. 1 cable series for African-American viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. There were rumors the show would not return because creator and director Mara Brock Akil is leaving. There’s no word on who will take over. Read more.