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The city of Chicago and its police force has been under heavy scrutiny, most especially since the release of footage showing the fatal shooting of 17-year-old LaQuan McDonald.

Now, a new video of a police shooting has emerged involving another Black 17-year-old boy.

The New York Times reports:

For the second time in recent months, Chicago officials released video of police officers chasing and fatally shooting an African-American teenager, bowing to public and legal pressure amid calls for greater scrutiny of officers’ use of deadly force.

The latest set of videos — with views from at least four surveillance cameras — provides a distant, and somewhat incomplete, view of the brief moments on Jan. 7, 2013, after the police confronted Cedrick Chatman, a 17-year-old black youth, in a car at a busy South Side intersection.

City officials had fought for months to keep the videos private, part of a continuing debate here over how much information the city should reveal when an officer fatally shoots a resident. Neither officer in the Chatman shooting has been charged with wrongdoing, and both remain on full-duty status.

In a report from Reuters, U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said Thursday at a hearing that the newly released footage will not deter the search for jurors related to a civil lawsuit launched by Chatman’s family.

The city has stopped with its attempts to block the video’s release.

The release of the Chatman video sparked loud protests at the courthouse, who are demanding a reform of the Chicago Police Department and for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign amid chatter that he’s mishandled the McDonald shooting.

Chatman was a carjacking suspect and the police involved in the shooting claimed he pointed a “dark object” towards them. Chatman’s mother says the video shoots down their assessment of the event. Attorneys for the officers say the video supports their version of events.



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