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Bernie Sanders’ support system found unconventional ways to captivate voters over the holiday weekend.

In addition to facing off against Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley during NBC’s Democratic Debate on Saturday, Sanders requested the help of ally and rapper Killer Mike to answer questions on his behalf in the spin room, Pitchfork reports.

Mike shared his thoughts on Sanders’ performance and mentioned he was impressed with how the Vermont Senator held his own against Clinton. He also explained why he became such a big fan of Sanders.

He then compared his dialect to legendary rap group the Beastie Boys.

Pitchfork reports:

When asked what he thought of Sanders’ skills as a speaker, he replied, “I think he’s damn good. I think he’s of the Beastie Boys’ lineage—he definitely could have killed it with the boys from Brooklyn.”

Mike and Sanders’ friendship kicked off last year and led to a six-part Q&A in Atlanta, where the rapper announced his official endorsement. Since then, the two have engaged in frank conversations on race, gun control, education, and criminal justice reform.

Prior to the Democratic debate, the duo spoke with Dr. Cornel West and former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner to discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sanders praised the late leader’s willingness not to shy away from procuring equal rights in the midst of backlash and hate.

Yahoo reports:

“Let me tell you what kind of blew me away when you think about Dr. King’s life,” Sanders said during the discussion, which was live-streamed on his campaign’s website. “Obviously, it took an enormous amount of courage to stand up to the segregationists, racists — they got jailed, they got beaten up — an incredible amount of courage. But what impressed me even more … he could’ve rested on his laurels. The establishment would’ve said, ‘You are a great black leader. Look what you did: You got the Voting Rights Act. Wow! You broke down segregation in the South. Incredible!’ But you know what? This is what courage is about. He said, ‘Enough.’ If he was going to be consistent with his own inner soul, he had to ask other questions.”

West praised Sanders and compared his efforts for the Black community to MLK. He even called him “Brother Bernie” during the discussion.

“I was sitting in church today, Mother Emanuel Church, and we were reading the words of Martin Luther King Jr. and it just makes you shake and quiver,” West said. “And I said to myself, ‘This is what the Sanders campaign is about. This is what it’s about. It’s about the poor, working people. It’s about keeping track of the weak and the vulnerable. It’s about mustering the courage to tell the truth about Wall Street, about wealth inequality.”

Check out the rest of their discussion in the video above.

SOURCE: Pitchfork, Yahoo | VIDEO CREDIT: Twitter, YouTube 


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