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Relatives of Samuel DuBose, 43, who was fatally shot by former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the cop in federal court Friday, seeking damages and court costs.

According to Fox19:

[Court] records stated, “As a further direct and proximate result of Samuel DuBose’s wrongful death, Mr. DuBose’s survivors, next of kin and/or heirs have suffered permanent damages, including but not limited to, grief, depression, and severe emotional distress. They have lost economic and emotional support, incurred funeral bills and other expenses and will incur additional expenses and losses in the future.” 

Last month, NewsOne reported that the family said it would receive $4.85 million from the school:

The university also agreed to provide free undergraduate education to Samuel DuBose‘s 12 children, which is valued about $500,000, Al Gerhardstein, a lawyer for the family, said at the press conference. Announced on the annual celebration of Martin Luther King Day, Gerhardstein said, “The family is taking Martin Luther King’s words to heart. He told us to be peaceful when we are faced with tragedy, and this family has worked peacefully over the last few months to resolve this terrible, terrible tragedy,” the report says.

Tensing, who is scheduled to go to trial in October, is charged with murder for shooting and killing DuBose in July during a traffic stop off campus over a missing license tag.



Cincinnati Family To Receive $4.85 Million In Deadly Police Shooting