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According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit organization that provides free online public access to gun-related violence statistics in the United States, one out of every three days in January had a mass shooting.

After only six days into the first month of 2016, three people had already died as a result of a mass shooting.

By the end of January, there were 11 mass shootings in America, with the body count spiking at 22.

In‘s analysis of GVA’s mass shooting data, we know there have been shootings in large cities like Chicago, IL, small cities like Ware Neck, VA, and the deadliest shooting incident, which occurred in Chesapeake, Va., where “a man killed five of his family members, including his grandmother, before killing himself.”

According to Vox, “The January data is a stark reminder that mass shootings continue to happen with regularity in the United States — even if many of them don’t get much media coverage.”

SOURCE: Vox.comGun Violence Archive (GVA)


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