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Committed and beloved activist MarShawn McCarrel had more plans to expand helpful educational programs and build community in his city before his untimely death earlier this month.

Before the 23-year-old shot himself in front of the Ohio Statehouse Feb. 8, the Black Lives Matter activist was named Radio One’s Hometown Champion for his organizations Pursuing Our Dreams, and a charity for the homeless called Feed The Streets. Pursuing Our Dreams catered to children seeking mentorship and reliable leadership skills. Feed The Streets was inspired by McCarrel’s own past with homelessness.

At the ceremony in Los Angeles just a few days before his death, the activist spoke on his efforts to continue serving his community with Pursuing Our Dreams.

“Pursuing Our Dreams is an organization that focuses under the belief that we have to build community to move community. We do this through direct services, political education as also strategic organizing training, teaching people how to really build power in their communities outside of what we see on TV screens.”

“I’m 23-years-old man, and just walking around looking at all this beauty and this power in this room it just really recharges me,” McCarrel said.

We celebrate what McCarrel stood for and hope that his legacy lives on.

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