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It seems as though the message isn’t getting through.

Students at Clemson University, Arizona State University and others have held ghetto and gangsta-themed parties that were widely condemned and led to soul-searching.

Well, it happened again. Students at Fairfield University in Connecticut added to this disturbing list of White college students holding parties that mock African-Americans.

According to Fox 5 New York, the students reportedly attended the off-campus party on Saturday night wearing baggy clothes, gold chains, fake baby bumps, and displaying 40-ounce beer cans.

In response, the Connecticut Post reports that university officials are investigating the incident and organizing sensitivity training for its students.

Jennifer Anderson, the university’s vice president of marketing and communications, condemned the party. She confirmed to the Post that it occurred at a beach house and said the university’s rules of conduct also apply to students living in off-campus housing.

Fairfield University President Jeffrey P. von Arx, addressing the incident to students in an email, said the party “perpetuated racial stereotypes that have no place in our community and only serve to offend and devalue people,” according to the Post.

The newspaper interviewed several students who denounced the ghetto-themed party as unrepresentative of the school’s culture. But not everyone felt that way.

Student Brian Mason, recalling his costume as a 4-year-old child, told the Connecticut Post, “It’s like Halloween, where I’m dressed as a gangster. Nobody said anything then.”

But the university doesn’t find the party amusing. Anderson told the Post that officials “will take appropriate action” after completing the investigation.



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