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The complexities of school integration are preventing an African-American student from going to the institution he’s attended since kindergarten.

Fox 2 Now reports that third-grader Edmund Lee must leave Gateway Science Academy in South St. Louis because his family is relocating to St. Louis County…and because he’s Black.

Created to racially integrate St. Louis city schools, the state regulation will prevent Edmund from staying at the charter school once he moves, the news station explains.

According to Fox, the decades-old law permits county residents to attend a city charter school if they live in a district participating in transfer programs—but the student cannot be Black.

“When I read the guidelines I was in shock,” Edmund’s mother, La’Shieka White, told the network. “I was crying.”

Edmund’s teacher and principal also want him to stay at the school, but there’s nothing they can do.

Teacher Tiffany Luis said, “To not see his face in the halls next year would be extremely sad. The family is saying they want to stay. I don’t understand why they can’t,” she told Fox.

petition, started by Edmund’s mother, has more than 133,000 signatures. In part, it states:

“These guidelines were put in place by the state and is unfair for my child who has been going to the school since kindergarten and has been excelling. Not admitting Edmund simply because he is African American is just wrong.”

White said she wants the petition campaign “to be about all children,” regardless of their race. Parents of White students, who are prevented from school transfers set aside for Black students, have also reached out to her, according to Fox.

Assistant Principal Janet Moak told the network it would be a “a good thing” if this situation sparks a dialogue about the law.



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