Black History Month

Charlotte West High School “decorated” a pair of segregated entrances for Black History Month.

One Atlanta mom found out that not all students are treated equally after she discovered that Black second graders at her local elementary school were intentionally being put in separate classes from their white colleagues.

Ben Carson is putting a new spin on Donald Trump's infamous presidential campaign slogan. The HUD secretary wants to make, and keep, America segregated again, according to the agency's latest proposed rule.

The small Alabama city of Gardendale that once seceded from a multiracial school district to start its own segregated all-white district was ordered to pay the NAACP $850,000 in legal fees and expenses for the Black student plaintiffs.


Summers often bring a wave of childhood memories: lounging poolside, trips to the local amusement park, languid, steamy days at the beach. These nostalgic recollections, however, aren’t held by all Americans.

A Missouri school integration law prevents a Black student from attending his school. The third-grader's mother has launched a petition to change the law.


Protesters stormed a Portland, Ore., school board meeting earlier this week, demanding more time to learn about a bid to reduce racial and economic segregation in the city’s public schools, Reuters reports. SEE ALSO: Police Officials Blame Brutality Issues on Local Communities The meeting was cancelled and the vote postponed Tuesday to allow protesters to […]

Roland Martin talks with Rev Dr. William Barber about the Tea Party in Wake County, North Carolina taking over the school board and re-segregating the school system.

WASHINGTON — America’s neighborhoods became more integrated last year than during any time in at least a century as a rising black middle class moved into fast-growing white areas in the South and West.

A few years ago, Bill Rankin created maps of every city in America and colored them with each ethnic group. The purpose of this project was to show how segregated the majority of our country still is; even in areas you would consider to be cosmopolitan. Link To Segregated Maps Above is a map of […]