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Now, this is true #FamilyGoals.

Nitra and Mario Myles have overcome major obstacles in order to achieve their dreams. Now, an inspiring photo of their family of graduates has gone viral. In the shot, the couple poses with their son, MJ, all three in caps and gowns. To many, their story didn’t always appear this promising.

Nitra became pregnant with MJ during her sophomore year at New Orleans’ Xavier University. Mario was a senior, and the two had no family living in Louisiana that they could call on for support. They quickly learned how to balance the added responsibilities with their schoolwork, although some of their friends doubted whether they’d truly fulfill their potential.

All of my friends automatically assumed I was just going to leave school and find a job,” Nitra told Buzzfeed.

Look at her now. Not only did Nitra complete undergrad, she’s now about to graduate from law school. Myles is completing his Master’s degree in special education, while their son MJ is preparing to graduate from kindergarten.

Their photo has now been shared more than 27,000 times. Congratulations to the graduates!

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook


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