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Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign is gearing up for an all-star lineup at next month’s convention in Cleveland, Ohio, where the candidate hopes to walk away with his party’s nomination.

Some of the names on the schedule include boxing legend Mike Tyson, who has endorsed Trump, and legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, according to Bloomberg:

Talks are in the works with a broad slate of other celebrities and top athletes, so the list of those appearing at the convention will grow, organizers said.

But much of Trump’s current list of sports champs seems to be more targeted at male voters age 45 and older, rather than minority and female voters. 

Trump has boasted in the past about his endorsement by Tyson, who has re-emerged in popular culture in recent years with roles in popular movies like “Hangover” and the publishing of a well-received memoir.

But the big question remains: who will show up? Last week, the party’s rising star, Utah Rep. Mia Love, announced that she would not be attending the convention, noting that she saw no upside. Now, The Washington Post is reporting that scores of other prominent Republican lawmakers won’t be there.

From The Post:

Dozens of well-known Republicans aren’t showing up. There’s no word yet on who will speak. A growing number of corporate sponsors are taking a pass. Groups of white supremacists and other agitators are on the way, while the official protest routes are frantically being redrawn after being thrown out in court. And then there’s the fight to dethrone the big star.

With less than three weeks to go, Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland is poised to be the most chaotic GOP gathering of the modern era.

The candidate, his family and close supporters are expected to play starring roles. So will most top congressional leaders. But many Republicans who want to distance themselves from Trump’s incendiary rhetoric are refusing to attend. Past corporate sponsors such as Ford, General Electric and JPMorgan Chase have declined to participate again.

The four-day convention is scheduled to begin on July 18 at the Quicken Loans arena, with Trump scheduled to formally accept the nomination on July 21, writes the Post.

SOURCE: The Washington Post, Bloomberg | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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