Hillary Clinton Announces Tim Kaine As Vice Presidential Running Mate


Hillary Clinton named Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate in the 2016 election in a mass text message to her supporters on Friday night.

According to The New York Times, Clinton is expected to formally introduce the senator during a campaign stop in Florida on Saturday.

Kaine, 58, hails from Kansas City and is a former governor of Virginia who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The senator began his career as a fair housing and civil issues lawyer, rising through the ranks of city and federal government to become governor of Virginia in 2006.

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I'm thrilled to announce my running mate, @TimKaine. Tim is a lifelong fighter for progressive causes and one of the most qualified vice presidential candidates in our nation's history. But his credentials alone aren't why I asked him to run alongside me. Tim’s a man of relentless optimism who believes no problem is unsolvable if you're willing to put in the work. That commitment to delivering results has stayed with him throughout his decades-long career as a public servant. I could give you a laundry list of things he accomplished as mayor of Richmond, governor of Virginia, and in the United States Senate. But here’s what’s important: Tim has never taken a job for the glory or the title. He's the same person whether the cameras are on or off, motivated by the belief that you can make a difference in people's lives through public service. I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’ve had the privilege of seeing two presidents and two vice presidents up close, and I wanted to pick someone who will be able to give me their best advice, look me in the eye, and tell me they disagree with me when they do. But what matters most is a simple test that’s not easy to meet: whether the person could step in at a moment’s notice and serve as president. I have no doubt that Tim can do the job, and I want him by my side on the trail and in the White House. But we're going to need your help to get there. So join me and Tim, and let's get to work and go win this thing. -H

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While many thought Clinton would announce her decision at an evening rally in Tampa earlier in the day, she opted to use the digital sphere, announcing her decision. In her speech at the evening rally, Clinton slammed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling his Thursday night RNC speech, “dark and divisive.”

“The last thing we need are leaders who try to divide us even more than we are, Clinton said. “Our differences which make up our diversity, makes the United States the strongest, best positioned country in the world for the 21st century.”

In a lengthy Instagram post, Clinton called Kaine a “lifelong fighter of progressive causes,” and a man with integrity who has never “taken a job for the glory or the title.”

Kaine will help Clinton appeal to independent voters and moderate progressives, but may turn liberal Democrats away, since Kaine supports free trade agreements, the Times reports.

With Kaine by her side, the presumptive democratic nominee hopes to solidify her base in the race to November 8, 2016.

SOURCES: The New York Times, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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