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A Chicago couple looking for a good time during the city’s annual Margarita Festival instead experienced terrifying racism at the hands of a White woman also in attendance. The incident was captured in a 54-second video.

According to MicErnest and Cassie Crim, teachers at a local high school, were looking to enjoy a summer evening before the start of the school year. The couple said their evening came to an emotional head after they retrieved a beanbag lying near an ongoing corn hole game between the woman and her two friends.

In the video Ernest, 28, uploaded to YouTube, the woman knocks the camera out of his hand while unleashing a barrage of racist insults.

Visibly shaken, Ernest asks, “If I hit her, what happens to me?”

If you hit me, you’re a n——,” the woman says.

One of the most horrifying moments is watching as the camera pans back to the woman, who is flanked on both sides by what appears to be a Black man and woman. They remain unmoved as she yells the N-word repeatedly.

Ernest questions their inaction, asking, “What type of people are ya’ll?

One friend responds, “It don’t bother us.”

As Ernest follows his attacker with the camera, she turns around and spits in his direction, hitting his wife on the arm.

Cassie, 30, told Mic she was humiliated and emotional after the incident. The couple, parents to two children, said they muted their reactions in fear of losing everything they worked for.

“We had a lot to think about. We’re educators. We’re black. We had too much going for ourselves to stoop to that level,” she said.

In today’s climate, filled with racial tension over recent police shootings that left Alton Sterling and Philando Castile dead, Ernest said it was imperative to upload the video as a reminder of the racist values embedded within certain members of American society.

“I feel like the history and the climate of this country had already nurtured the [anti-black] mentality that she had,” Ernest said.

According to Mic, the Chicago Police Department confirmed that the woman was removed from the event after the incident. A spokesperson also confirmed the Crims filed a simple battery report against the woman, who remains unidentified.

SOURCE: Mic, YouTube | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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