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According to recently released state polls, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has gained traction over Republican rival Donald Trump in several key states. She has taken the lead in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The polls, which were taken on the heels of Trump’s tape scandal, show that she’s ahead of him 48 percent to 39 percent in Pennsylvania, 42 percent to 31 percent in Michigan, and 44 percent to 37 percent in Wisconsin. Trump would need to come out victorious in one of the three states to garner 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. According to reports, Trump’s camp has pulled campaign funding out of Virginia, conceding to Clinton. Despite the voter support that Clinton has received in major swing states, she’s still trailing behind Trump in Utah. Read more.

Donald Trump to Publicly Address Sexual Assault Allegations

In the midst of a scandal that is haunting his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has shared that he will soon speak out in regards to the sexual assault allegations made by various women. He was slated to appear on Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday night, but canceled his appearance, saying he would respond “very soon” to the allegations. Steve Bannon, the CEO of Trump’s campaign, is claiming that accusers are trying to make the candidate look like the Bill Cosby. In the meantime, Trump’s team has been trying to do major damage control. Read more.

Chris Rock Inks Deal with Netflix

Comedian Chris Rock has inked a new deal with Netflix. Under the agreement, which was released on Thursday, Rock will host two stand-up comedy specials for $40 million. “Chris Rock is a beloved actor and director, and his remarkable stand-up makes him comic royalty. There is no one like him, and Netflix offers the global platform and creative freedom that will serve as a perfect home for someone with his incredible talent,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, said in a statement. For his part, Rock is “very excited to be working with Ted and Lisa and all the good people at Netflix. I can’t wait to get back on stage,” he said. HBO, Amazon, and Hulu were all fighting for deals with Rock. The new stand-up series will be his first one in eight years. Read more.

Malik Yoba to Host TV One’s ‘Justice By Any Means’ Series

Actor Malik Yoba has teamed up with TV One for a new series that delves into criminal cases where those charged are seeking retribution. The show, titled Justice By Any Means, will recount the alleged crimes that were committed and share the stories of those close to individuals who were wrongfully accused. Yoba hopes to use this show as an avenue to spread awareness about retribution. “I am honored to host such an inspiring show. Although these true life crime stories are tragic and horrific, the overriding spirit of each hour of Justice By Any Means is most importantly about showcasing ordinary people doing extraordinary things on behalf of others, loved ones and strangers. Viewers will learn that they too have the power to make a difference,” said Yoba in a statement. Justice By Any Means is slated to debut on Oct. 24 at 10:00 p.m. EST on TV One. Read more.



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