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With just over twenty days left until Election Day, Donald Trump is claiming the election system is rigged and is stacking the deck in favor of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s allegations are receiving strong pushback from Republicans and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who says that all states will carry out the election with integrity.

Trump has not stopped at just hurling allegations about the election being rigged, he has also hinted at the threat of violence if he does not win on November 8th.

With the GOP nominee tossing around so many mixed messages, more allegations of sexual misconduct coming to light, and Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls growing, is Trump preparing for a loss on Election Day?

NewsOne Now panelist Dr. Jason Johnson, Political Analyst and Political Editor for The Root, believes that Trump is laying the groundwork for a loss on November 8th. He told Roland Martin on NewsOne Now Monday morning that the GOP nominee’s ongoing claims sound like someone saying, “the ref took the game from me.

“He’s setting up all of these excuses and he’s promoting violence,” said Johnson, adding Trump’s ongoing outlandish claims expose the presidential candidate’s split with the Republican Party.

Johnson continued, claiming that in essence, Trump is saying, “Gov. John Kasich and Scott Walker and all of these Republican governors are somehow working with Hillary Clinton to conspire against him.” 

The NewsOne Now panelist said Trump’s allegations are “dangerous speech, but it’s par for the course for Donald Trump.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the latest developments in the 2016 presidential race in the video clip above.


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