President Barack Obama isn't on the growing list of former presidents and vice presidents who took classified documents home, leaving his "scandal-free" reputation intact.

Wednesday's events are undoubtedly one of the first challenges to President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

Mike Pence And Kamala Harris take part in the U.S. Vice Presidential debate at University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Kamala started the debate pressing Mike Pence on the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus. Pence looked as if he was nursing an eye injury and dodged every one on the debate stage, except […]

With Trump's recent coronavirus scare, the debate schedule ahead of November's vote has the potential to change drastically.

Joe Biden would square off against Donald Trump as the 2020 election rapidly approaches. But while those two will have three times to go at it,

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Vice President Mike Pence were doing their damnedest to convince America that reopening Florida now is the right thing to do despite health experts warning otherwise.

Stacey Abrams made the rounds on a couple of Sunday morning news shows and plenty of words for Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Brian Kemp.


She says the current man in the White House should get "some credit."

Vice President Mike Pence sat there in agonizingly noticeable silence. His apparent "Weekend at Bernie's" act stood in stark contrast to an animated, and adamant, Trump.

Omarosa might be speaking some truth here.