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Someone painted the letters “KKK” on a campaign sign of a Black candidate running for sheriff of a small Kansas county, the Kansas City Star reports.

LeRoy McConico, currently the police chief in Parker, Kansas, said people have interfered with his campaign signs in the past. This, however, is something altogether different.

“There’s some people that just got some dark hearts. They saw an opportunity to do something in the dark,” the 35-year law enforcement veteran told The Star.

The Democrat is running for sheriff of Linn County, which has a population of about 9,000 people. Less than 1 percent of the residents are African American.

McConico told the newspaper that the heated racial climate overrunning the nation doesn’t exist in Linn County.

“This is a very good county, a good place to live in,” he said. “The people are very, just awesome, awesome people. My family, we have enjoyed living here. We’re not going to let nothing like that defer what we believe and how we feel.”

The sheriff’s office and FBI confirmed to The Star that they’re aware of the incident. However, it’s unclear whether an investigation is underway.

SOURCE: Kansas City Star | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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