Police quickly ruled out racism as motivation.

It was stolen in Kansas and found burned in the trash.

About 100 miles south of the border of Nebraska, tucked quietly atop the Kansas plains lies a small 145-year-old town called Nicodemus.

The high school student was caught on video attacking a Black student.

Students at a Kansas high school staged a walkout after a viral video showed a Black student being attacked by a white student.

Five Black women sued police chiefs, detectives and the city government.

Austin Schoemann was indicted by a federal grand jury for racially threatening multiple Black people and using death threats.

Charles Guy recorded a fateful encounter during a domestic call to his home.

Race Matters

Fans of a Kansas basketball team are accused of racially heckling Black student-athletes at Topeka High School.

Roger Golubski was arrested and charged with six counts of civil rights violations, including sexual abuse, kidnapping, and abuse of power.

Race Matters

Colton Donner of Paola, Kansas, was sentenced to 27 years in prison for threatening a Black man with a knife for walking in a "white town."

Civil Rights & Social Justice

According to the Justice Department, Donner faces a $250,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.