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CBS News exit polls show Donald Trump’s win “was in large part a repudiation of Hillary Clinton by a substantial number of White voters.”

Via CBS News:

While Clinton did win big majorities of minority voters, she did not get the level of support from those groups that she needed to overcome her deficit among White voters.

There are also indications that Clinton’s gender was a factor in the outcome. The gender gap was substantial. Trump beat Clinton by 53 percent to 41 percent among men while Clinton won among women by 54 percent to 42 percent. Four years ago, President Obama won 45 percent of men’s votes and Mitt Romney won 44 percent of women’s votes.

UPDATED: Nov. 8, 11:44 PM EST:

State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris has been elected as California’s senator, becoming the first Black politician in history to represent the state in the Senate, reports The Associated Press.

USA - Politics - California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris at the California Democratic Convention

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Donald Trump wins Florida and Georgia, earning him 216 Electoral College votes to Hillary Clinton’s 209, reports CNN.

UPDATED: Nov. 8, 9:48 EST:

The Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has won Louisiana and its eight electoral votes, extending his Electoral College total to 137, compared with Hillary Clinton’s 104. Candidates need at total of 270 to win the White House.

ABC reports that Republicans are projected to retain control of US House of Representatives.


Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who failed in an effort to win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, was re-elected to a second term on Tuesday, reports The New York Times.

UPDATED: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 8:13 PM EST:

Hillary Clinton will wins key races in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia, according to CNN projections based on exit polls. Donald Trump is projected to win Oklahoma, Mississippi and Tennessee. The candidates are neck and neck in the critical bellwether state of Florida.

Hillary Clinton has a 98.2 percent chance of becoming the nation’s next president, making history as the nation’s first woman president. She would follow the historic two-term election of President Barack Obama, who defeated Clinton in 2008 to become the country’s first Black president.

The HuffPost forecast model shows that she will likely receive 323 electoral votes and Donald Trump will only garner 215. Major battleground states that include North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada have shown support for Clinton. She is also expected to lead in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Donald Trump has garnered support in states that include Georgia, Arizona, and Iowa. In Ohio, the candidates are neck and neck. Trump is leading in Ohio by one point.

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SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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