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CNN, Turner Broadcasting and its parent company Time Warner are facing a number of lawsuits alleging racial discrimination by former and current African-American employees.

One of those lawsuits was filed in October by former CNN employee Omar Butcher.

Butcher, a devout Christian, has accused the network of religious and racial discrimination. He worked at CNN for five years until he was fired in 2015.

Edward D. Buckley, Butcher’s attorney, explained the former CNN employee first started with the network as a writer and was “repeatedly passed over for advancement opportunities and training opportunities.”

Buckley told Roland Martin during Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now his client “earnestly sought training” and found himself “training people who ended up advancing over him.”

When Butcher complained about a racially insensitive comment through what appeared to be the proper channel, “he was promptly terminated.”

Prior to this, Butcher had also objected to the use of profanity in the workplace and other employees “using the Lord’s name in vain.” Butcher requested employees not use the Lord’s name in vain when in his presence, but “the conduct accelerated to get his goat.”

Buckley said Butcher was eventually terminated and therefore, “We have brought a case based on race, religious discrimination and retaliation.”

When asked to expound upon the circumstances surrounding being passed over for promotions and training opportunities to perfect his craft, Buckley said, “This is an inherent problem in race cases where somebody gets passed over for a promotion because they don’t have enough training, but they’re not getting the training they need in order to get promoted.”

CNN’s lawyers have been in contact with Buckley to inform him they are handling the lawsuit and “have not admitted or denied the things that have been stated … we expect to hear from them sometime shortly on that.”

Buckley also told Martin they will not join in the separate class action suit against CNN at this time.

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CNN, Turner Accused Of Racial Discrimination In Class Action Lawsuit