The singer/actress celebrated her son's birthday at the property.

The fallout from a white waitress refusing Black truckers service took a legal turn.

There was no apology issued, however, for the incident in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Video footage from a South Dakota Denny's shows two Black men having cops called on them after a white waitress refused to serve them and kicked out of the restaurant: “They’re serving everybody else.”


It’s no wonder, then, that so many people believe racial discrimination is endemic to policing and is simply part of the way it works.

Lee Rose's movie explores the modern impact of racially restrictive covenants.

Ben Crump has sued Morgan Stanley in a racial discrimination lawsuit on behalf of Anthony Fletcher, a Black recruiter who was terminated from the financial firm in March 2022.

Race Matters

Nearly a third of white Americans say they have seen “a lot more” discrimination against white people in recent years, a poll found.

In their suit, the veteran firefighters claimed they were subjected to gender and racial discrimination during their tenure.

Race Matters

Fifteen current and former Black employees filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Tesla in California on June 30.

Several past instances of racist banking practices against Black and brown customers and employees alike cost Bank of America hundreds of millions of dollars in fines well before the Ryan Coogler fiasco.

Flores is the latest victim of an NFL culture that sees black men, players, or coaches, as a product before it does a person. His suit is just the latest proof that Colin Kaepernick was right about the league from the jump.