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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams charged Madison Square Garden security staff members in a report Monday with “basically targeting” New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley before his arrest last week, reports New York Daily News.

From New York Daily News:

While reading from the report Monday outside the Knicks’ home arena, Adams said Oakley was singled out by a Garden security guard identified only as “Kori.”

“This is a high-profile VIP that sat in the most expensive seat in Madison Square Garden,” he [Adams] said. “They broke their protocol. Their protocols are broken. Oakley kept asking, ‘Why are you staring at me? Why are all of you standing around keep staring at me? I’m here to watch the game. Why are you blocking my view? Why am I being treated in this fashion?’ He was basically targeted by the time he sat down.”

Adams got involved in, he said, because this is a recurring issue in his life and that of others’. “Every time I fly first class, someone stops me to see my ticket over, , and over and over again,” Adams said. “It sends the wrong message to black boys and black leaders. Even when you sit in the most expensive seat in Madison Square Garden, you are treated in that manner. This would not have happened to Bill Bradley and Dave DeBusschere.”

Rev. Al Sharpton also called upon [Knicks Owner James] Dolan to lift the ban and reinstate Mr. Oakley’s privileges while Adams compared how Oakley was treated to the terrifyingly wrong and deadly way that NYPD officer used a chokehold on Eric Garner in 2014, reports Sports Illustrated.

SOURCE: New York Daily News, Sports Illustrated


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