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Oneal Morris has an infamous reputation as the “toxic tush doctor.” This came after news surfaced that she allegedly injected women’s buttocks with tire sealant and cement. Now, Morris is facing time for a fatal incident.

Starting in 2007, Morris, who is transgender, injected Shatarka Nuby with “silicone” so that her butt could get bigger. A few years later, Nuby died and the medical examiner said it was because of a “massive systemic silicone migration” from injections into her buttocks and hips. Nuby’s aunt told police that she was present when Morris injected her niece. Morris told her the silicone was from Home Depot.

Morris was charged for Nuby’s death and she pleaded no contest to manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license. On Monday, Morris’ sentencing was revealed and now she’s sentenced to 10 years in prison and five years probation. Morris, 36, had already been sentenced before with a year in prison for 2013 charges in Miami-Dade County.

Along with injecting patients’ buttocks with the tire sealant Fix-a-Flat, cement, and silicone, Morris allegedly sealed the injections with super glue.

Morris denied all these claims saying, “I have never, ever, or would dare ever to inject, or have injected any human with any type of unknown substance…such as Super Glue, cement, Fix-a-Flat, concrete, nothing that comes from Home Depot, nothing that comes out of any hardware store.”

Morris will serve her time in a men’s prison, something her attorney, Kirstie Cohen, argued against, considering the dangers transgender women face in men’s prison. “This isn’t Orange Is the New Black. This isn’t going to be all fun and games for her,” argued Cohen. “She’s at risk, and a very high risk, to be abused by not only inmates but guards.” Current Florida law does not allow transgender women to be placed in a women’s prison. Such laws have been opposed by activists such as CeCe McDonald.


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