A Black woman who died in the Dominican Republic is the latest cosmetic surgery death amid fatal results from Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Oneal Morris has an infamous reputation as the “toxic tush doctor.” This came after news surfaced that she allegedly injected women’s buttocks with tire sealant and cement. Now, Morris is facing time for a fatal incident. Starting in 2007, Morris, who is transgender, injected Shatarka Nuby’s with “silicone” so that her butt could get bigger. A […]

Ranika Hall probably thought she was getting routine surgical procedure when she decided to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift. Unfortunately, things turned fatal Thursday at the Eres Plastic Surgery center in South Florida.

Police are on the lookout for a New York woman who posed as a doctor and performed a butt lift surgery resulting in the death of a 34-year-old patient, ABC 7 reports. Kelly Mayhew traveled with her mother from Maryland to Queens, New York over the weekend to get a butt lift. Mayhew, who has had five other similar operations in the […]

Many men in their 50s struggle to maintain the bodies they once had when they were in their 20s and 30s. While many of them limit their efforts for a fit physique to hitting the iron at the local gym and adhering to a healthy diet, some, like Donovan Nelson of Essex, England, also choose […]

The recent death of a man from silicone injections in his penis— at the hands of a back alley “doctor” — has highlighted the dangers people encounter when attempting to find cheap alternatives to very costly medical procedures. Many of the most recent incidents have involved Black patients who were referred to the “doctors” by […]