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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Wednesday that he wants public high school students to produce letters of acceptance from colleges, a branch of the armed forces or trade programs as a requirement for graduation, reports the Chicago Tribune.

From Chicago Tribune:

Emanuel framed the new initiative as his latest move to get kids thinking early about continuing their learning beyond high school. But he also said it would be compulsory. “You won’t be able to graduate … unless you show that letter of acceptance to any one of the four outlets we talked about: college, community college, armed services or a trade,” Emanuel said while speaking about the program on “CBS This Morning” on WBBM-Ch. 2.

It isn’t clear how Chicago Public Schools would enforce such a rule, given that high school students are not required under the law to enroll in one of those organizations to graduate.

Asked whether a student who doesn’t get one of these letters of acceptance would be prohibited from graduating from high school, Jackson said that “if a student graduates from a Chicago public school, they are automatically accepted into one of our City Colleges.”

Undocumented immigrants, English language learners and currently incarcerated students — with the new requirement reportedly beginning with the class of 2020 — would be able to apply for a waiver with Chicago Public Schools, reports CBS News.

SOURCE: Chicago TribuneCBS News


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