An investigator general should look into why Baltimore schools are failing to keep children warm in cold classrooms, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan proposed Tuesday.

A University Of Pennsylvania teaching assistant who calls on Black woman first in her classroom in a practice known as progressive stacking will not resume teaching next semester.

Furious parents sued a central Mississippi school district after a White teacher allegedly encouraged students to hang their son, who is Black.

One Philadelphia mom went all out for her teen son's prom, getting him a camel as well as expensive cars and more for a Dubai-themed evening.

A Florida student was recently suspended after Clay County district officials confirmed the teen had posted a racist ad on Craigslist referring to two of his fellow classmates as "slaves for sale."

Christine Hoffman, who is the former principal at the predominantly Black Campbell Park Elementary in St. Petersburg, Fla, was transferred within the district after instructing teachers to segregate White students and stirring outrage among parents.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Wednesday that he wants Chicago public high school students to produce acceptance letter from colleges, a branch of the armed forces or a trade program as a requirement for graduation.

A disturbing video shows a White student referring to her African-American male classmate as a "Black piece of s**t" during an altercation following what the Black teen said was months of harassment and threats.

Officials at Harvard University publicly recognized the institution's deep-rooted historical ties to slavery Friday during an eye-opening conference with many attendees including best-selling author and The Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Former first lady Michelle Obama surprised students at a Washington, D.C. high school, talking with them about their dreams, education, the current political climate and more subjects.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stated that HBCUs were "pioneers of school choice" Monday evening , ignoring the painful racism that barred Blacks from attending schools and having access to equal teaching.