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The mother of a Black teen who was killed by a Chicago police officer nearly four years ago said Tuesday that getting $350,000 in damages awarded by a jury after filing a wrongful death lawsuit can’t make up for the loss of her son, reports the Chicago Tribune.

From Chicago Tribune:

In ruling the shooting of Christian Green unjustified, jurors found that Officer Robert Gonzalez did not “reasonably believe” that his life was in danger when he unloaded 11 shots at the 17-year-old from his police SUV, striking him once in the left side of his back.

…”I think that the outcome could have been greater,” Patricia Green told reporters outside the courtroom, referring to the relatively low payout. “But the money can’t take the place of my son. … I can never get him back.”

…According to court records, Gonzalez and his partner, Officer George Hernandez, were patrolling around 1 p.m. July 4, 2013, when they responded to a call that fellow tactical Officers Manuel Leano and Douglas Nichols Jr. were chasing a person with a gun…Green was struck in  the left side of his back by a bullet that pierced his lung and heart before exiting his chest. He died en route to Stroger Hospital. His gun, meanwhile, was found in the vacant lot about 75 feet from his body, according to court records.

Green’s case means another payout for the city of Chicago, with the city having paid $660 million relating to police misconduct cases since 2004, reports ABC7 Chicago.

SOURCE: Chicago TribuneABC7 Chicago


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