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A principal for a predominately Black Florida elementary school has stepped down from her post after instructing teachers to keep White students together, reports The Washington Post.

From The Washington Post:

Christine Hoffman, former principal at Campbell Park Elementary in St. Petersburg, Fla., asked to be “relieved” as principal and was transferred Tuesday to the Pinellas County school district headquarters during an internal investigation, the district said in a statement.

Hoffman had come under fire for an email she sent to teachers April 18 about class rosters, in which she stated that teachers should keep an equal number of boys and girls in each class and “white students should be in the same class.” In a follow-up email to staff members two days later, the principal apologized for her “poor judgment.”

…The controversial memo prompted an uproar — parents and outraged citizens called on the local NAACP chapter and a few people protested outside the school, according to local news reports.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights office is currently investigating the Pinellas County School District, with the department examining whether the “district disproportionately disciplines black students and doesn’t give them equal access to teachers, curriculum and other resources,” reports The Associated Press.

SOURCE: The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report


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