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As President Donald Trump and his team scramble to explain developing troubles from inside the White House, the Republican Party will face challenges in key upcoming elections. Of great concern for the GOP are next year’s midterm elections with analysts and poll numbers suggesting a trend that some seats might swing back to the Democrats.

Roland Martin discussed the hurdles faced by the GOP on NewsOne Now, this as politicians from both sides of aisles searches for answers in Trump’s recent political gaffes. Turning to former Georgia state representative Ladawn Jones, Martin quipped that in the president’s short time in office that he’s made quite the mess.

“If you look at the declarations of impeachment, Trump has done every single one of them. It’s like he’s following a reality show script. Lie to the public, get people to lie about facts in the case, obstruct justice by telling someone not to look into an investigation, all I’m waiting for is the million dollar payoff for the burglary, and we have impeachment coming right down the pike, Jones said, referencing President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

Martin said Trump’s sinking approval numbers could have an effect on elections coming in Montana and Georgia with GOP polls showing that those seats could be lost by the party. Martin hammered home the fact that the vociferous outcry about at this is will be an issue handled by Congress.

Christopher Metzler, President, and CEO of the JMI Group, broke down the finer points of Martin’s argument in his discussion on the program.

Impeachment is first and foremost a political issue,” Metzler said. “It is not really a legal issue. The articles of impeachment are drawn up in the House [of Representatives]. Because it’s two parts. It’s impeachment and removal. Removal would come from the Senate should there be impeachment.

Metzler added that the GOP is being careful in how they address the Trump matter as the party still hopes to see their agendas passed while they command congressional power at the moment.

Attorney and legal analyst Monique Pressley joined NewsOne Now via phone and backed up the earlier stance that Republicans will need more than just moral outcry to move ahead with impeachment proceedings.

It would have to be truly high crime, not misdemeanor, in order for them to be able to feel good about going forward with impeachment and think that they’re going to hold on to their offices,” Pressley said. She adds that Republicans could turn to the 25th Amendment of the Constitution’s Article IV and declare the president is unfit to hold the office.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel break down the GOP’s mad scramble to undo the blunders of President Donald Trump.


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