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While delivering a speech before the California Democratic Party African American Caucus at the CDP convention earlier this month, Rep. Maxine Waters’ microphone was abruptly cut off and now the caucus is demanding an apology, reports the Sacramento Bee.

From the Sacramento Bee:

An employee, originally thought to be associated with the Sacramento Convention Center Complex, approached Waters at the podium and appeared to tell her that she had gone over her time. When she continued to speak, her microphone was eventually shut off. Waters concluded her speech without the microphone and led a chant to impeach President Donald Trump.

According to a statement released by the caucus, they investigated and found that the employee was part of a subcontracted company – Frontrunner, the event planning firm in charge of the convention.

According to the outlet, the caucus issued a statement demanding to be reimbursed for the event and that Waters receives an apology.

SOURCE: Sacramento Bee


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