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At the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, a noose was found inside an exhibit and was the second related incident on the Smithsonian grounds. Roland Martin asked on NewsOne Now if President Donald Trump’s rhetoric has emboldened White supremacists in doing these racist acts.

Martin turned to the NewsOne Now panel after taking a quick look at the incidents but not before stating that White supremacists have come and said that Trump’s rhetoric and stances have empowered them. Panelist Julianne Malveaux offered a strong opinion on the possibility of that fact. She said that the noose is a “symbol of intimidation” and remarked on how unfortunate it is they’re appearing more in modern times.

Panelist Cleo Manago added a stance that the noose’s imagery is especially jarring to Black people and supported Malveaux’s statement those acts have increased in frequency even before the election of Trump.

Malveaux circled back around and raised the issue of the stabbing death of Bowie State University student Richard Collins III and how a white man committed the crime for reasons she believed was instilled in him from an authority figure

You look at that and you have to ask a question. Who raised that little white boy? Who is his momma, who is is his daddy? What did they say at the dinner table? I shudder because his mother works at the University of Maryland. So you wonder what she was saying to her son that made him feel like he had to come to school packing with a knife and that it was okay to lynch this young Black man,” Malveaux said.

Watch Roland Martin and the panel discuss the boldness of White supremacists in the climate of President Trump.

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